VasoNaso Grey

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366 days research project into object’s sociological relationships. Are they narrative vehicles of different species?
Are they capable of telling the differences of the human race?
The project which Matteo Cibic took on for 366 days appears to want to respond to these questions. The project, created a bit as a laugh and a bit to immerse himself in the obsessive daily life of a Morandi narrative style, is a personal investigation of the relationship between shape, colour and height, it then turned into an analysis of groups of objects, interpreted as if they were genealogical strains, joined by somatic features, and similar character or colour. Just like the animal species so it is for the VasoNaso, interacting in groups among themselves radically changing shape and imagination.
It only takes a small difference in the shape in order to create a different species. Vaso Naso is therefore a project that brings together the creative talent of the designer, and his unbreakable sense of humour, with the craftsmanship aspect of ceramic and glass processing which is synthesised a shape.

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