Intimate phenomena – Satellite

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Milan Design Week 2019, Secondome presents “Intimate Phenomena”, Gio Tirotto’s investigation about shapes and materials, a collection of “tools for the imagination”. “Intimate phenomena happen to all of us, events of different size and duration, we observe them in wonder, explore them out of curiosity. Fascinated by the idea of research and lab testing (as for physics and chemistry), I imagined a collection of “tools for the imagination”, where shape clearly recalls the technical equipment and light has the role of door to the imaginary world. The four lighting items, inevitably create a physical relationship with the observer that steers and places them in the space according to his functional needs or evocative wishes.” Intimate Phenomena is a limited-edition collection of four lamps made of scotch brite satin steel and plexiglass. Satellite works exactly as its name suggests: a light source, filtered by a glass sphere, sends light out to a clear surface that reflects it. The lamp is made of two separate units.

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