Schmog – Keep it Glassy

On the 28th of March 2013 the Shanghai Museum of Glass presents a sparkling new exhibition that shows the playful and fun character of glass design. ‘Keep it Glassy’ shows the work of more than 50 designers from all over the world, including renowned names such as Droog (The Netherlands), Fabrica (Italy), the Campana Brothers (Brazil) and Tadao Ando (Japan).
Over 200 exhibited objects have one thing in common: they are designed with love and should be handled with care.
Throughout time, glass has come a long way. Up until today designers are embracing the materials’ fascinating ability to take on endless shapes and colors. Besides the fact that working with glass is a very serious matter of craftsmanship, it is also a fun way of experimenting that can have surprising results. The new exhibition ‘Keep it Glassy‘ shows
exactly this.
Keep it Glassy is co-curated by COORDINATION ASIA, who also created the extra-ordinary exhibition concept and design for the project. A maze of mirrors and pools offers surprising perspectives and leads the visitor through the selection of exhibits that put a smile upon your face and show the magic of the material.
Shanghai Museum of Glass seeks to create a new kind of experience in museums, to contract the distance between China and the Western, glass art and the other artistic forms, history and works, culture and industry, glass art and human beings with rich knowledge of history, fabulous art works, an open communication space and community-based channels of promotion.
Sharing the unlimited possibilities of glass is both the vision and the true value of the Shanghai Museum of Glass. After exploring dozens of museums around the world, the Museum’s founding committee invited the German architectural team Tilman Thuermer to design the Museum based on a concept juxtaposing past and present. The design that emerged integrates the building’s original structure and unique characteristics while adding modern functionality and symbolism. The colorful glass art space shares an essential creative experience with visitors, setting a new direction for International Museums of the future. Both the building glass and the top glass artwork on display inside offer an unforgettable combination of art and technology to visitors.
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