VIP preview November 3rd 2016
November 4 – 6 2016

@ Operae 2016
c/o Palazzo Cisterna

For Operæ – Independent design festival seventh edition, Secondome joins Annalisa Rosso’s curatorial project “Designing the future”. Alongside accepts the invitation to participate in the project “Piemonte Handmade” that, for the third year in a row, supported by Piemonte Region, unites 10 galleries, 10 designers and 10 artisans to create a collection that links innovation and craftsmanship tradition.
Secondome, under the artistic direction of Claudia Pignatale, presents “Oblio” a project by Gio Tirotto, crafted by Vibel Group.

is a project by Stefano Marolla. The name of the collection comes from the italian grammar where the indeterminative article precedes a non-identified noun. The objects play on the ambiguity of the matter than can deceive the eye: a sturdy element like wood, hand-curved and levigated, looks like a light tapestry. The curves and the soft drapery of the wood are inspired by a long and attentive study on the usage of drapery in art’s history, going back from the ancient Greece to Bernini’s sculptures.

AWAITING The project’s name speaks to the feeling of anticipation and excitement that precedes an encounter and it’s deeply linked to the purpose of the objects: benches, stools, a mirror, a vanity table and a room divider. The collaboration started as a game. The artist, Coralla Maiuri, inspired by the pictures of her porcelain pieces, designs a collection of bold colored velvet cloth. Her will to shape them in to something equally bold yet refined, brings her, trough Claudia Pignatale, together with the designer Giorgia Zanellato. Asics Gel Lyte 5 Heren Awaiting is a feminine and sensual collection that mixes a taste of classic and contemporary in pieces of furniture realized in golden brass and velvet.
GUINEA The floor lamp Guinea explores the aesthetics of bricolage, coupling natural materials such as stone and wood with with iron that has undergone tropicalization, a process that gives a characteristic rainbow nuance to the metal.
Guinea has a particularly strong exotic reference. The screens on the lamp are inspired by palms and tropical colours.
The base of the lamp is a block of untreated Portoro marble. The blocks are chosen individually, directly from the quarry, to ensure that every base is unique. The stem of the lamp is an oiled oak pole and the shade that is made from triple layered, hand pleated organza, is vertically adjustable.
HENZEL STUDIO HERITAGE: ANDY WARHOL For Henzel Studio Heritage: Andy Warhol, Henzel Studio curator Joakim Andreasson identified and applied as basis for the collection a maquette Warhol created for an unrealized artists book. The handmade model consists of thirty-eight octagonal pages, each a die-cut detail from Warhol’s print edition set of Marilyn Monroe dated 1967 that includes ten variations of the iconic star. Each page has been re-appropriated and turned into a unique rug design. The maquette was discovered in Warhol’s “Time Capsule 55” in 1994. Today Warhol’s Time Capsules are known to be a diary of his everyday personal and professional life including Warhol’s artistic practice. To fully encapsulate this obscure maquette, and bring light to these practically unseen works by the artist, Henzel Studio seamlessly translated its 38 pages into remarkable hand knotted silk rugs and accompanying pillows. The resulting designs and abstractions provide an unforeseen and detailed view of Warhol’s portrait of Monroe, where each rug serves as magnified close-ups through an octagon shaped lens.
HENZEL STUDIO HERITAGE: MARILYN MONROE PORTRAITS To expand on the maquette, the original Monroe portraits have been further deconstructed and appropriated by artist and founder of Henzel Studio; Calle Henzel. Henzel applied his signature design characteristic; freeform organic shapes, strategically placed holes, uneven punk-like fringes and elaborate surface treatments into five unique designs.

GIO TIROTTO Everything he designs comes from the attention towards what’s around him, living or inanimate. Blaine Gabbert #7 Jersey If there is a limit between art and design, he tries to erase it and re-design all the existing complicity among human beings and objects. This is the reason why he believes that rituals, memory and imagination are often the essential function of things.
STEFANO MAROLLA Born in Rome, starts working on ebony wood since young in his uncle workshop. FSU JERSEYS He refines his skills in the restoration field, without leaving behind his passion for wood-making. Every project has these two fields deeply connected. From this connection starts a personal research on matter and shape, that transfers in his works all the tradition of italian’s know how in furniture-making. He works for privates and several public institutions as Galleria Nazionale di Arte Moderna in Rome, Galleria Borghese, the Andersen Museum, the American Accademy in Rome, St. Paul’s Church, Cinecittà, Confindustria.
GIORGIA ZANELLATO Born in Venice, Giorgia Zanellato graduated at IUAV of Venice in 2009 and at Ecal (Switzerland) in 2011 with a Master in Product Design. In october of the same year, she joined Fabrica, the Benetton Research Center, where she is actually working as product design consultant.
Giorgia is been working as a freelance designer as well for different clients such as Moroso, Atipico, Rubelli, Petite Friture and Galleria Luisa Delle Piane.
Her designs have been exhibited at Triennale Design Museum, Maison & Objet, Miami Art Basel, London Design Festival, MUDAM and others.
CORALLA MAIURI After Mexico City, Ceprano, Rome, Hong Kong and Milan, as of now she lives and works in Rome.
During the years she expressed her art through different media such as painting, video, installations. She tends to create “domestic” environments, recognisable and also extraneous, where there is the smell of burning wood in the air. All her works express the idea that the environment we live always emanates a sense restless serenity so that we can travel also just by being still.

HENZEL STUDIO is a Swedish luxury rug manufacturer established in 1999. Henzel Studio’s ethos is based on the artistic practice of Calle Henzel, founder and creative director. Over the past twenty years, he has translated his artistic practice as painter and collage artist into the medium at hand, positioning Henzel Studio as one of the most progressive luxury rug brands in the world.
“Henzel Studio has as a result, along with Calle Henzel’s body of work, established itself as the leading brand for contemporary fine art rugs worldwide”.
Joakim Andreasson, Curator of Henzel Studio Collaborations and Creative Director of cultureEDIT.

SERVOMUTO are graphic designer Alessandro Poli and architect Francesca De Giorgi, who together, have been designing and producing lampshades since 2007.
The duo is inspired by vintage forms re- searched from an archive that dates back more than 50 years, they then re-interpret the old style of lampshades adding unusual trimmings to salvaged materials such as army blankets, old velvet theatre curtains or screenprint fabrics with innovative and provocative images commisioned from artists with whom they collaborate.

Secondome Design Gallery is a design platform that focuses on worldwide emerging designers and innovative projects. Maillot Utah Jazz The Gallery dedicates its installation space to the design works it hosts; each piece, as a collection or limited edition series, speaks louder than words in its whimsical nature of subject versus material. Mostly handmade products, honoring the craft and practice of contemporary artisanship, reflect the traditional values of design whilst breaking the mold of lifeless objects d’art. More than just a gallery, Secondome Edizioni, since April 2008, has also established itself as a brand by producing its own collection of design objects working closely with its designers. Emphasizing on a Made in Italy brand, most of our production is hand-crafted locally. Secondome works have been displayed in some of the most important museums of the world: The Vitra Museum in Germany, The Shangai Museum of Glass, The Grand Hornu in Belgium, La Triennale in Milan, The New Museum in New York.
Claudia Pignatale, Claudia Pignatale, Founder and Creative Director of Secondome Design Gallery, has dynamically dedicated her passion for art and design since 2008. She actively collaborates with international young designers under 40, along with her constant pursuit of discovering new talents and emerging artists to launch. Claudia’s mission is to turn Secondome Design Gallery and Secondome Edizioni into a pivotal center of attraction and spotlight for designers
in Italy and abroad with her attendance in international design fairs.