Fuorisalone Milano

8th-13th April 2014

c/o Onwards at h+
via varese 12 Milano

Secondome is proud to be part of Onwards, a group show curated by Raffaella Guidobono and our art director Claudia Pignatale, in the h+ venue.
Secondome presents the new glass collection 2014 designed by Lanzavecchia+Wai, Matteo Cibic, Faton Gjoni and Emmanuel Babled.

THE CIRCUS collection allows you to imagine a magically whimsical experience on your dining table, living surfaces and console tops; the unseen trajectory of a graceful launching trapeze, the tooting of the agile elephant whilst balancing on its ball, a playful monkey performing its antics, all protagonists from a turn-of-the 20th century circus troupe. These borosilicate glass pieces are each individually made by expert artisans and designed by Lanzavecchia+Wai.
Rocker n°1 & Rocker n°2. With these Rockers, Lanzavecchia + Wai demonstrate how children’s play, through a sophisticated design process, can be transformed into refined grown-up objects with meaning and intent. These two objects combine skillful craftsmanship with serial production and highlight the heart of the interest that animates the work of the two designers.

UZITO means weight in Swahili language. This project revises the shape of weights of the classic antique balance usually made in brass. Matteo Cibic remake it in hand blown glass, making a collection of 4 domes with gold plated and the fifth element in brass.

1888 is a collection of candleholder made in hand blown glass designed by Faton Gjoni for secondome. The name 1888 is the key inspiration from Victorian Era, a traditional approach for a contemporary shapes. A candleholder itself can encompass more than its function, it can attract the eye of viewer pleasantly by merging curves of female with traditional classical shapes folded with Victorian era pride moulded into contemporary geometry.

TITLED is a collection of 9 Domes in glass and wax-lost golden brass, in limited edition of 30 pieces signed and numbered designed by Emmanuel Babled for secondome. The combination of the two materials make this collection unusual and brilliant. The seven domes has a Title that is the concept of the collection itself. Happy end, Top, Pic nic, Last Meal, Fly in the Butter, Spotless.

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