Déjà vu

New Gallery Opening

3rd June 2013
via Giovanni da Castel Bolognese 81, Roma

Déjà vu! Literally “already seen”, is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has been experienced in the past, whether it has actually happened or not.
The first exhibition in the new secondome space take inspiration from the classical icons of architecture.

The designers such as Zaven, Arik Levy, Sam Baron, Analogia Project (Andrea Mancuso and Emilia Serra) and Nigel Coates, has done their reinterpretation of the Classic. The results is a collective show with extraordinary “new classic” design pieces.

BUTTONED-UP an four seater sofa with a curve that emphases social interaction. Bespoke cushions and oversized wooden buttons add wit to the abundant comfort of this limited edition piece.
Curved frame and buttons in solid wood, upholstered in luxury silk velvet with five matching cushions. Made in Italy, edition of 12. Dimensions 250 x 130 x 90cm h.
Designed by Nigel Coates.

DOMO COFFEE TABLE a beautiful table charged with animal energy. To add an extemporary sense of motion, the structure of this table slopes slightly, though the glass is set at a perfectly horizontal angle. Gordon Beckham UGA Jersey Edition of 12. Frame in carved, sandblasted English Oak. Top in tempered glass. Nick Chubb UGA Jersey Made in Italy. Dimensions 92 x 85 x 46 cm h. Designed by Nigel Coates.
OMBRETTA 2 is a Layered abstraction realised as a traditionally-crafted carpet; deeply tufted and sumptuous underfoot. One of a set of three. Hand knotted Nepalese wool; 100 knots per square inch. Made in Nepal, edition of 12. Dimensions 250 x 176 cm. Designed by Nigel Coates.
THE WHITE TILES (The Storywall) by Analogia Project

The surfaces reproduce accurately archaeological fragments and ruins from the Museo del Castello Sforzesco di Milano, Museo Civico Archeologico di Milano, and from Musei
Capitolini di Roma. Shapes coming from different times appear on the white ceramic
surface recalling us that the past is still living in the present time: the space of the
exhibition tells our Story, that has always been in a close relationship with Art. Virtual
digital models of the archaeological artefacts have been acquired by using a cutting age
technique and the prototypes have been used as ceramic moulds: it is an original project
that explores the relationship between design, archaeology and craftsmanship in an
experimental way.
The project is the result of a collaboration with master ceramist Alessio Sarri (one of the
most talented ceramists, he collaborated with artists and designers such as Sottsass,
Natalini, Du Pasquier and Morrison)

CHANDELIER 01 Inspired by the classical venetian glass chandelier, this wool line chandelier is one of the piece that Analogia Project has realised expecially for the new secondome gallery. The visual impact of the three dimensional ‘sketch’ will challenge conventional spatial representations and the viewer will be urged to reconsider their perception of the familiar objects they embody. Edition of 9 + 2 AP. Dimensions diam. Jayson Tatum Duke Jersey 60 cm x 140 cm h

PANORAMI is the first collection of mirror of Secondome designed by Zaven. The mirrors are inspired at the architectonical shape of the classic Venetian window. The idea is a window that reflects the scenario of your own room, which make an illusion and a poetic opening in the space.
With Panorami mirror Zaven would like to create a new relation between interiors and outside.

LE BUREAU DE PAOLO is a desk constituted of wide variety of boxes and drawers. These boxes have a structural function: they compose the feet of the desk to which is added a functional destination: each has dimensions corresponding to its function. It adds a surprising aspect in the way where you have to discover by yourself which side the box opens. Desk with secrets and discoveries, hand made by an Italian naval shipyard. Edition of 8 pieces + 2AP. Varnished teak. Dimensions: cm175x80x75. Levine Toilolo #80 Jersey Designed by Sam Baron for secondome.

PARPAINGS by Arik Levy take inspiration from the constructive brick. Every single element is made in oak.