Secondome interviews Vito Nesta

During the last Fuorisalone, he surprised everyone by bringing into Palazzo Litta a collection of wallpapers designed drawning hints by Limonta’s archive. In Jenuary he launched Grand Tour, his brand born with a storytelling inspired to the past, when Italy was the destination of the cultural trips for the young European talents. This time it’s Vito Nesta the one to travel abroad and to bring back in Italy the international suggestions in shape of design: “I spend a lot of my time travelling. Sometimes far from home, smelling the scents of the central market in Kyoto, getting enchanted by the unique shade of red in the sanctuary on the top of Mount Fushimi Inari, getting lost in the Istanbul’s Grand Bazar….”.

Fenicotteri | Wallpaper |PH Mattia Meneghini

Who is Vito Nesta?

“I’m an extremely curious guy, I like to discover what I ignore, always looking for my personal way of expressing myself, travelling, meeting people, discovering places, getting contaminated by everything that surrounds me. I live in a simple way, fighting for my dream of becoming a good interior decorator”.

What does it mean today to be a designer?

A designer today has a very complex role as his work it’s not limited to designing but includes being your own entrepreneur. A designer creates, together with the firm, a guide and a plan to introduce the product to the market, creates an effective communication for the launch, follows all the phases of a project from the first sketch to the sale”.

Memory is your creative world: how do you manage not to fall into nostalgia?

“I’ve always loved listening to stories, in my work I try and tell them, in my own way. My pieces are not nostalgic. On the contrary, they speak about far away worlds, tales from the past and hidden places, respecting their essence, looking forward to the future. I think it’s necessary to look to the past just like this, while looking to the future”.

Décor today, in the design world: it’s an opportunity for creative, or a field already on the verge of saturation?

“I think that the feel for décor cannot be considered a technique to be taught or learnt. Either you have it in yourself and feel it as a way of expression, or you can’t make an exercise out of it. I think I couldn’t have done anything else, as since a very young age I’ve always felt attraction towards décor, which has definitely been helpful in a moment like this, when décor is becoming more and more an added value to any project”.

Risvolti | PH Serena Eller Vainicher

How did you came up with the concept of the Grand Tour?

“The idea of the Grand Tour comes from the will to experiment through decoration all the worlds, symbols, histories and images I look for during my journeys, both the actual and the imaginary ones”.

Esotica for F.lli Majello | PH Andrea Pedretti

Next stops?

“Egypt, Kenya and Lebanon”.