by Secondome

“In this time “on hold”, when our homes have become the center of our universe, like never before, looking around during those never ending days, I thought that there was nothing much a Gallery and a Gallerist could do; then I changed my mind: we can do what we can and love to do, at the best of our abilities! In my case it would be thinking of new projects and new stories to tell. This was the starting point of my challenge, an open call to create a project, aiming to create a new beautiful story and project from this long lockdown.”

Bicchiocolo – Antonio Aricò

Eracle – Maria Giovanna Barbi

These few lines were my invitation to designer, artists, architects and friends to take on

this challenge, design an object, a piece of furniture not bigger that one cubic meter, hand drawn, without rendering.

Tréschic – Simone Fanciullacci

Oneiric – Hillsideout

What we experienced in the past couple of months opened our eyes to the possibility of

living our spaces differently from the past. After reading many considerations about the concept of living and the need to rethink our approach to it, we concluded that objects and furnitures that we interact with daily are starting to show their different possible uses; spaces change, as we live them differently: our home has now become the place where we engage in all of our activities and has suddenly incorporated the office, the gym, the restaurant etc.

Holy Hammer – Giulio Iacchetti

Balance – Millim studio

In this perspective the objects that surround us should have more than one function, hence, Multifucntional.

We’ve been flooded by projects!

180 drawings, 165 creatives (designers, architecture firms and artists). It was an incredibly difficult selection that resulted in 25 finalists and 8 winners.

      Di fuori come un balcone – Vito Nesta

Titti unchained – Matteo Pellegrino 

The drawings will be made into a book, a tale that will tell about this suspended times when we only travelled with our minds, and an exhibition.

The eight winning project will be produced and will be part of the Gallery’s collection.

Claudia Pignatale (Founder + Art Director / Secondome)


Alessandro Gorla / Studio Algoritmo – Alhambretto – Andrea Ghisoni – Andrea Sainato – Andrea Sforzin – Antonio Aricò – Antonio De Marco – Antonio Marant – Caterina Fantetti + Alessandro Becattini + Alice Salcini – Delphine Valli – Design by Gemini – Emanuele Napolitano + Eleonora De Caroli – Gabriele Rosa – Giulio Iacchetti – Hillsideout – Marco Barazzuoli – Maria Giovanna Barbi – Matteo Pellegrino – Millim Studio – Sara Ricciardi – Simone Fanciullacci – Strato Liquido – Studio Naessi – Gianni Veneziano + Luciana Di Virgilio – Vito Nesta

WINNERS (alphabetically)

Antonio Aricò – Maria Giovanna Barbi – Simone Fanciullacci – Hillsideout – Giulio Iacchetti – Millim Studio – Vito Nesta – Matteo Pellegrino