Simone Cappellanti

Simone Cappellanti was born in Rome in 1972. After few years, he finds out his favourite pastime: a bi-optic Yashica Mat 124 G. And from that moment, he will never stop.
He attends the artistic high school and the Conservatory, in Rome. He uses, for his studies, graphic, art and design encyclopedias and begins writing his researches on his first computer: an Apple Ile.
He graduates at Valle Giulia and becomes architect in the same year. He replaces his old drawing table with 3D modeling softwares, without completly leaving the pencil.
He takes the PhD in Technique Physics and continues his research that ends with some International Issues and a thesis on a new project of Passive House. His passion for teaching leads him to teach Technique Physics, Architectural Design and Drawing and Relief.
Finding completeness (through photography, music and painting, with architecture as philological summa), he travels worldwide for three years. Then, he comes back in Rome and opens his own studio.
The italian flag, an important work of the Master Sergio Edward Linchi, the picture on anodized aluminum of the soccer team Roma Captain with the Yashica Mat 124 G and Mozart symphonies surround the artistic minds, working at the studio.
Works by Simone Cappellanti