Giovanni Casellato

Artist-Designer, born in 1968, Architetcture major in IUAV, Venice, has been working on design and sculpture for several years, using iron as privileged material for his works. He had exhibitions in many Italian and European cities, taking part in Venice Biennale in 2008.
Suggested by Banca Aletti as sculptor to invest on. Giovanni researches in every piece the charm of the “unique”, working painstakingly on lines and finitures to enhance the object’s natural aspect, using several obsidation and grinding processes or associating iron with other materials.
“I’ve been living with metal since I was a kid, before me two generations of blacksmiths. Iron, a metal I’ve learned to love while working on it. My bet is trying to turn heavy structures in light ones.
Achille Castiglioni exorted me to use iron as material to start from for my projects, seeing how I was able to knead it, far from traditional ways… I listened to him”. Giovanni Casellato.
Works by Giovanni Casellato