Born in Bern (Swiss) in 1960.Attracted by the forms of expression of the prehistoric art for a long time it undertakes then his first studies to Rome and at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Bologna.Toward the end of the 80’s he develops a particular interest for the design: the everyday objetcs takes life from stone, wood, iron and glass. After having founded in Bologna the gallery Interno, participates y in 1988 in the Biennal exhibition for Young Artists, as partner and artistic manager, will give life to the circle literary Art Café Escandalo to Parma, he lands to the space Dilmos in Milan and collaborates with Flos and projects with the friend famous singer songwriter Vinicio Capossela. His aqueduct become-residence it defines as one of the most beautiful houses of the world and was published in 2004 in Interni magazine. The interests of DumDum space from the Amazonian manual culture to the eco-architecture giving life to unique expressive and coherent pieces of art, over every form of tendency and market.

Works by Dum Dum