Secondome_Unplugged_Risvolti_Vito Nesta
Secondome_Unplugged_Risvolti B_Vito NestaSecondome_Unplugged_Risvolti B dettaglio 2_Vito NestaSecondome_Unplugged_Risvolti B dettaglio 1_Vito NestaSecondome_Unplugged_Risvolti A_Vito NestaSecondome_Unplugged_Risvolti A dettaglio 2_Vito NestaSecondome_Unplugged_Risvolti A dettaglio 1_Vito NestaSecondome_Unplugged_Risvolti 2_Vito Nesta


€ 11.400,00€ 15.800,00

The RISVOLTI mirrors, designed by VITO NESTA and made in collaboration with Effetto Vetro, mix in an unconventional way a high-tec material as Supermirror steel and the opaline glass gone out of production since the ‘50. The steel modernity contrasts the vintage taste of the colored mosaic tassels, skillfully placed to design two different patterns, Risvolti A and Risvolti B.
Limited edition 9+3 a.p. each.

Secondome_Unplugged_Risvolti A_Vito Nesta A € 15.800,00
Secondome_Unplugged_Risvolti B_Vito Nesta B € 11.400,00
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