Secondome_Futiles serie_Sam Baron
Secondome_Futiles Vase_Sam BaronSecondome_Futiles Fruit pot_Sam BaronSecondome_Futiles Caraffe small_Sam BaronSecondome_Futiles Caraffe big_Sam Baron


€ 240,00€ 685,00

The Futiles collection has a baroque taste with a frivolous essence. Dimensions are generous for all the pieces of the collection: a double handle vase, a giant water carafe and an impressive fruit pot, a normal carafe with a sumptuous handle. 
The young Fabrica hopes have generated these unusual products.

Secondome_Futiles Caraffe big_Sam Baron Caraffe Big € 610,00
Secondome_Futiles Caraffe small_Sam Baron Caraffe Small € 240,00
Secondome_Futiles Fruit pot_Sam Baron Fruit Pot € 685,00
Secondome_Futiles Vase_Sam Baron Vase € 560,00
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