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Secondome_Uzito series 01_Matteo Cibic
Secondome_Uzito series 02_Matteo CibicSecondome_Uzito 5kg_Matteo CibicSecondome_Uzito 2kg_Matteo CibicSecondome_Uzito 1kg_Matteo CibicSecondome_Uzito 1,5kg_Matteo Cibic


€ 155,00€ 600,00

Uzito means weight in Swahili language. This project revises the shape of weights of the classic antique balance usually made in brass. Matteo Cibic remake it in hand blown glass, making a collection of 4 domes with gold plated and the fifth element in brass

Uzito-1kg_Cibic 1 Kg € 155,00
Uzito-1,5kg_Cibic 1 5 Kg € 190,00
Uzito-2kg_Cibic 2 Kg € 460,00
Uzito-5kg_Cibic 5 Kg € 600,00
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