Secondome Gallery interior

The gallery

Secondome Design Gallery is a design platform that focuses on worldwide emerging designers and innovative projects. The Gallery dedicates its installation space to the design works it hosts; each piece, as a collection or limited edition series, speaks louder than words in its whimsical nature of subject versus material. Mostly handmade products, honoring the craft and practice of contemporary artisanship, reflect the traditional values of design whilst breaking the mold of lifeless objets d’art.

More than just a gallery, Secondome Edizioni, since April 2006, has also established itself as a brand by producing its own collection of design objects working closely with its designers. Emphasizing on a Made in Italy brand, most of our production is hand-crafted locally.
The collections are designed by some of the most known designers such as:

Secondome works have been displayed in some of the most important museums of the world:

  • The Vitra Museum in Germany (Permanent Collection)
  • The Shangai Museum of Glass at the show “Keep it Glassy” March 2013
  • The Grand Hornu in Belgium at the show “Le Fabulous Destin du Quotidien” in 2010
  • La Triennale in Milano in the shows “Serie e Fuori Serie” in 2009 curated by Andrea Branzi, “Quali cose Siamo” curated by Alessandro Mendini in 2010, “Kama
    Sesso & Design” curated by Silvana Annicchiarico in 2012
  • The New Museum in New York in the show “Imaginaires” in 2009

Secondome has also participated at some of the most important design fairs such as:

  • Pavillon des Arts et du Design Paris – March 2011 and 2012
  • PAD New York – November 2011
  • DesignMiami/Basel – June 2010
  • Maison Objet in Paris – 2008 to 2013

Claudia Pignatale

Claudia Pignatale, Founder and Creative Director of Secondome Design Gallery, has dynamically dedicated her passion for art and design. She actively collaborates with international designers, along with her constant pursuit of discovering new talents to launch. Claudia’s mission is to turn Secondome Design Gallery and Secondome Edizioni into a pivotal center of attraction and spotlight for designers
in Italy and abroad with her attendance in international design fairs. Based in the artistic neighborhood of Trastevere, she is determined to place Rome back on the map of the international design scene and export design and Italian’s artisans’ expertise around the world through its collections.


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